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PortaTray - Frisco Replacement Dog Kennel Tray - Chew Proof & Crack Proof Metal Multipurpose Tray

PortaTray - Frisco Replacement Dog Kennel Tray - Chew Proof & Crack Proof Metal Multipurpose Tray

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✅ COMPATIBLE WITH FRISCO CRATES: These sturdy pet trays are compatible with all single door and double door metal dog kennels from Frisco but also make great multi-purpose pans for your entryway, mudroom, closet, garage, kitchen, garden, or inside your car. The slide-out design makes cleaning easy in the event of an accident.

 DURABLE AND EASY TO CLEAN: PortaTray's Frisco replacement dog crate trays are made of durable, odor-resistant, polypropylene metal and also provide leak-proof protection for your pets. Not just as a crate liner but you can also use it to hold muddy shoes, a half-finished puzzle, or your pet’s food bowls. Perfect for a pet tray, pet training crate tray, grease dip trap for your garage, or garden tray!

✅ BUILT TO LAST: Sturdy metal construction has some perks of its own. PortaTray's metal dog crate pan is chew proof and odor free. Built for durability and a lifetime - even if you have you have a large, heavy dog, our pan will not crack, split or shatter. The pet pan will easily collect dirt, hair, and any other mess from your dog.

 SAFE AND SECURE: Safety first - we care about your canine companion. PortaTray's dog crate tray does not release any harsh fumes that can otherwise harm your pooch or have the risk of your dog getting cut if they chew the metal.

METAL FINISH: Our metal finish is not only water resistant, but also resistant to wear and tear for a long lasting, reliable, removable, and washable dog crate pan.


 RETURNS: In the unlikely event that you aren't satisfied with the performance of your dog kennel tray, we offer you a hassle-free refund. No questions asked. Just click on the “Add to Cart” button and enjoy a risk-free purchase. 

Custom pans have a no return policy.


     ORDERING: To finish the order process we need the exact size of the pan you want to order. Order a pan 1/4 inch SMALLER than the inside of your crate.

Please measure carefully as custom pans have a no return policy since they are custom made for you. Please contact us with the exact size within 7 days or your order will be canceled to keep our account on great shipping terms. Do you want an even bigger pan for your dog? We can make it according to your desire. Feel free to contact via Email.


This durable leak-proof replacement dog crate metal pan fits specific folding metal dog crates offered by Frisco. These sturdy pans also make a great multi-purpose pan for your entryways, mudroom, closet, garage, kitchen, garden, or inside your car. Made with a flexible polypropylene metal mixture that is odor resistant, easy to clean, and stronger than other replacement pans that are made of ABS metal. PortaTray's metal dog crate pans are designed to easily slide in and out of the dog crate for easy cleaning in the event an accident occurs.

Eliminate the need for cheap plastic floor liners. Cheap polypropylene or ABS plastic crate pans are always getting destroyed. With our durable replacement dog crate tray, free yourself from the hassle of buying a new crate tray every few months. PortaTray's pet trays are sturdy, durable, and made keeping your pet’s safety in mind.  Just the right choice for you and your canine companion – it is practical, convenient and functional and made to last. Raised and folded edges keep dirt and spills contained inside, keeping the floors and crate clean. Does your dog have a sensitive nose? Plastic pans tend to release powerful and harsh chemical fumes when new. If you or your pooch are sensitive to such odors, then it might prove to be irritating and difficult. Made in the USA.


  • Durable, odor-resistant, and easy to clean.
  • Leak-proof replacement pans compatible with Frisco crate pans.
  • Makes a great multi-purpose tray.
  • Features rounded sides and corners to make it safe for you and your pet.

Although our pans are made as replacement pans for Frisco crate pans, many customers also use them as multi-purpose tray pans. They can be used as a multi-purpose tray to hold wet or muddy shoes/boots, a tray to place your pet's food/water bowl on, a tray to place your cat litter box on to help contain a potential mess, portable puzzle piece holder, laundry tray, paint pan, or gardening tray. Even if you have a BIG dog, their weight won’t damage this durable pan. Our high-quality construction ensures lifetime usage without ripping, cracking, breakage, or shattering. It is also odor-resistant, leak-proof, rust-free, and chew proof.


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